A Prophetic word to the Body of Christ

  Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord: This is the word of the Lord to you today, I know it may not make sense, in fact it may sound ridiculous, but God said to tell you when you stand still in faith his power will begin to work in your behalf.

The Apostle Paul said: Having done all to stand, stand therefore. Now that you have put all that energy into trying, it's time to give it over to God and trust.

What is trust? Trust is faith full grown, trust is the harvest of faith, Faith sows the seed, faith confesses, faith fights, then trust falls into the arms of the faithful father and rests.

Somebody I'm talking to: You need this word today, you have struggled, you have fought the good fight of faith, you have attacked your mountain, your giants, now it's time to rest in the faithfulness of God.

He that began a good work in you will finish it till the day of Christ. Philippians 1:6



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